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Iberdeli is a young company, located in the heart of Barendrecht’s commercial centre. In 2005, founder Paul González started Iberdeli’s core business of procuring and selling fresh and dried Ibérico pork.

Over the years, a number of other luxury products have been introduced, including North American Black Angus beef, Rubia Gallega beef, Spanish game and lamb and beef from Botswana. In addition, Iberdeli can help you access a wide variety of other luxury meat products through its partners.

Currently, Iberdeli delivers fresh Ibérico meat and other products daily to wholesalers in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. What’s more, Iberdeli delivers luxury meat products directly to a select group of butchers and food service industries within the Netherlands.

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You can expect excellent quality and a fair price from our products. Furthermore, we believe that products of such quality deserve only the best service.


In addition to being a supplier of Spanish delicacies for wholesalers, Iberdeli is the parent company of the retail chain Ibericus, where these delicacies can be purchased by individual consumers.