About Iberdeli


Iberdeli B.V. is a young company, established in the heart of the trading centre in Barendrecht. The corebusiness of Iberdeli is the import and export of fresh and dried Ibérico, the business Paul Gonzalez started with in 2005.

Over the years, we added a good number of other luxury products in the form of imports of Rubia Gallega rundvlees, Spaans wild, Pyreneeën lamsvlees, Noord-Amerikaans Black Angus en rundvlees uit Botswana. Beside that, we can offer you a big assortment of different luxurious meatproducts thanks to our partners.

Nowadays Iberdeli serves Ibérico-meat to wholesalers in Holland and the rest of Europe. Next to this Iberdeli supplies a select group of butchers and food service industries within Holland our other luxurious meat products.

Do you think Iberdeli can do something for you, we would love to hear it!

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