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Angus Pastoral

Angus Pastoral – The taste of nature 

Angus Pastoral brings you the taste of Australian nature, straight from the farmer to your plate. Family tradition, quality, patience and a boundless passion for good beef form the basis for this unique, tender meat.

The nature of Australia, with its wide horizon and crystal clear waters, is eminently suitable for the animals of farmer Blair Angus, who has been dedicated for decades to select and care for the best cattle. Animal welfare is not a certificate for Blair Angus, it is a tradition, a culture and a way of life, taste is the reward for patience. He personally oversees the selection and care of the animals, who are given the time to quietly grow up on his vast land, which covers 160,000 hectares. Manure and chemicals have no place in this pristine nature.

After a carefree life on the green pastures, the animals are taken to the "feedlot", where they will spend the last 100 to 120 days of their lives and are fed a diet of grains, carefully balanced with years of experience.

Angus Pastoral is prize-winning beef with a unique taste and tenderness. Iberdeli is proud that together with the Angus family we can introduce you to a piece of Australian nature.