Grain-fed meats from North-America

Platte Valley

Platte Valley Black Angus – From the heart of the USA

Our Platte Valley Black Angus Beef is the result of years of experience, passion and care for animals. Our supplier in the United States meets the highest requirements in terms of quality and food safety. Only the best Black Angus animals are used for this exceptional product line.

The "Platte River" flows through the US states of Nebraska and Colorado. The Viola family, founders of the Platte Valley Group in 1993, has its roots in Nebraska, where they owned beef farms. They decided to move to Colorado to expand their business there. The "Platte River" symbolizes the path that the family followed through these beautiful states, through vast valleys with grazing cattle.

The cattle spend the first part of their lives in these valleys. Grazing quietly on the vast meadows, they are cared for in the traditional way until they are transferred to the feedlot, where they are put on a special diet of cereals for 160-180 days. This diet, in combination with the fact that only the unique Black Angus race is used, ensures that Platte Valley gets its unique marbling and taste.

The Viola family works closely with Iberdeli to ensure that Europe can also enjoy this exclusive, tasty meat.