Uruguayan Grain Fed rund

La Finca Imperial

Quality has a name - La Finca Imperial

La Finca Imperial brings you the taste of high quality grain-fed beef from one of the most beautiful countries in South America. Passion for meat and taste come together in this especially for Iberdeli developed program.

Uruguay is a vast country on the east coast of the continent and covers 176.000 km2, four times the size of the Netherlands. The fact that the country has only 3.5 million inhabitants ensures that this green country is ideally suited for beef production. The beef herd has an average of 12 million animals.

Uruguay has a long tradition when it comes to the production of the English breeds Hereford and Angus, 85% of the livestock consists of these high quality breeds. The animals grow on the vast pampas with a minimum of 1 hectare per animal. For the last 100 to 130 days of their lives, the animals are cared for in the "feedlot", especially designed to comply with EU regulation 481/2012 for the import of high-quality grain-fed beef.

The animals, carefully selected for La Finca Imperial, go through a cycle of seven different diets of high-quality grains, including soy, sorghum and corn(plants), to ensure that they get the delicious taste and marbling La Finca Imperial is known for.

This way, together with our partners in Uruguay, we are able to give you the best that Uruguay has to offer!