Ibérico Meats

Pata Negra

Pata Negra ("black foot") is the popurlarly term for Jamón Ibérico, which is considered one of the best raw hams in the world. The ham is produced in southwestern Spain . The name Pata Negra is named after the black hooves of the pig, but officially Ibérico is the correct term , which is protected by Spanish law. The Ibérico pigs have toiled all their lives in the woods and have only natural foods taken her . This ensures that the meat is veined with fat extremely tasty ( intramuscular ), which is healthy because of its high concentration of Omega 3 and Omega 6 and fits into a cholesterol-lowering diet .

We can all different forms of the Ibérico ham in two different qualities supply , namely Cebo and Bellota quality. here the Bellota quality is the best possible. Everybody knows the story of the pigs eating acorns. These acorns (in Spanish : Bellota ) fall in Montanera season and the pigs are enjoying outside this season than of the natural environment and the specific nuts.

Besides the offer of Ibérico hams we have three different sausages from this particular pig , each sausage is made with a different spice mixture:

Lomo Ibérico: Dried sausage , made from only the loin of the pig Ibérico
Chorizo Ibérico: Typical Spanish sausage with garlic and pepper seasoning.
Salchichon Ibérico: Sausage with garlic and pepper, which looks like a salami.

We work with many different brands at different prices and qualities:

Carrasco: One of the best producers in Spain.
DeRaza: What we do with the meat
Aljomar: Chorizo en Salchichon high quality at an affordable price!
Felipe Hernandez: Lomo's en Cebo blocks for a cheap price!


Serrano ham is a ham, comes from the Spanish mountainous region of Andalusia . The ham is rich in iron and protein and is low in fat , making this ham is very healthy for people with anemia and iron deficiency.

We can supply three different grades, with time -dried ham makes the difference. We can provide you with sliced ham, to make it easy to make and a whole ham in the leg to get Spain to the Netherlands !

These Serranohammen we can supply you with three different brands:

Far: Two different blocks at a competitive price ! Also sliced Serrano !
Cerzo: A 20 -month -dried ham in its original form !
Dibe: 20 months dried hams on the bone !

Cecina de Leon

Cecina de Leon is smoked and dried meat from the hind leg , coming from Castilla y Leon . Characteristic for this product is the vetdooradering , which creates the great taste of this product. We can supply two different parts, namely the silverside or topside half !

The product we can supply two brands:

Trasacar: An affordable cecina good quality !
Niéto: A cecina of excellence!
Dibe: 20 months dried hams on the bone !