Other products

Other delicacies and luxury meat products

In addition to our permanent range, we can also deliver many other luxury products.

Spanish delicacies

As well as Ibérico meat, Iberdeli can deliver many other Spanish delicacies. We always have several grades of Serrano ham in various packaging, Cecina de Leon (dried hind legs of beef) and several Spanish cheeses in stock in our cold storage in Barendrecht. We can also help you source all other Spanish delicacies through our excellent contacts in Spain.

  • Grain-fed beef from Botswana

Botswana Ecco Premier Beef comes from free-range cattle that graze Botswana’s reserves. Botswana Ecco Premier Beef is a Brahman-Simmental-Hereford crossbreed. The cattle live freely among the wild animals. The natural environment in which the animals are kept ensures a unique taste experience and an incredibly tender texture. It is with good reason that Botswanan beef is seen as absolutely world class!
Botswana Catalogue

  • Simmental beef

This dual-purpose breed, which is used for its milk and its meat, is reared extensively in a natural way in the alpine meadows of Germany and Austria. As well as grass, they eat the many alpine herbs that grow in the fields. This diet produces meat with a distinct and very characterful flavour. The primary characteristics of the meat are its liberal fat cover, fine structure and good marbling (dispersion of fat within the lean).

  • Duroc pork

Via our Ibérico supplier we can also obtain Duroc pork. This pork is close to Ibérico pork in terms of taste experience. Duroc pigs are red-brown, well-built, muscular and of average length, with small partially drooping ears. Durocs are somewhat notorious for their aggressive behaviour, but are bred widely for their tender and juicy meat. To be recognized as a Duroc, a pig must not have any white spots and only a limited number of black ones. This breed is of American origin, one of several red pig species that were developed in New England around 1800. The modern Duroc came into existence around 1830 as a result of a cross between the Jersey Red and the older Duroc from New York. From the 1950s, the breed has been used as a show pig.

In addition to these products, we can source any product through our excellent contacts in the meat world. Feel free to ask for any product! We’d love to hear how we can be of assistance in the future!