Spanish venison and wild boar

Carnicas Dibe

Carnicas Dibe has been around for 35 years and for the last four they have been our supplier for wild boar and venison. In recent years, this company has proved to be a reliable supplier of well-cut and tasty products!

Carnicas Dibe is located in El Gordo, approximately 100 kilometres west of Madrid. The native wild boars and deer are shot by hunters in the hills, mountains and wooded pastures of Extremadura. They are then transported in refrigerated lorries to the factory in El Gordo, where the various parts are cut and packed. The whole process, from shooting to packing, is carefully monitored by vets and quality/hygiene inspectors. In this way, Carnicas Dibe complies with the highest standards of hygiene and has all the requisite certificates.

Spanish game is valued highly for its unparalleled flavour, its high protein content and reduced percentage of fat and cholesterol. This is a consequence of the food available in the rich nature of Extremadura.

We can deliver all parts of both animals to you. All products are vacuum packed and have a ‘best before’ date of a month. Hopefully, we can assist you in sourcing beautiful ‘real’ game, to make the winter months more bearable!

For more information about Carnicas Dibe products, see the catalogue below.

Carnicas Dibe Catalogus