Ibérico lamb from the Spanish Pyrenees

Agnei Ibérico

Our Spanish lamb, Agnei Ibérico, comes from a reputable Spanish company, the Pastores Group Oviaragon from Zaragoza. This lamb comes from a pure-bred and specially selected Pyrenean sheep, called Rasa Aragonesa. The meat from this animal is called Ibérico, because it has the same qualities and characteristics as the well-known Iberian pork. Agnei Ibérico is therefore also certified as such and protected under Spanish law.

The lambs of the Aragonesa sheep are generally slaughtered at the point when they weigh, on average, 15 kilos. The animals are fed with a combination of mother’s milk, grains and sunflower seeds and lead a life free from anxiety and stress. All these aspects ultimately ensure a beautifully marbled and deliciously tender meat, which, thanks to the high concentration of Omega 3 and Omega 6, is very healthy and fits perfectly in a low-cholesterol diet!

Agnei Ibérico can also compete with the top in terms of production. The sleek style of cutting and packing makes this an easy product for daily use by the chef! There is little or no waste/loss of meat and the products are packed in small portions and small boxes of 5 to 10 kilos.

The combination of a luxury and practical packaging, the healthy characteristics and especially the very rich and unique flavour makes Agnei Ibérico a unique product that is certain to appeal to your customers and visitors!

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Agnei Ibérico Catalogus