Spanish meats

DeRaza & Carrasco

Iberdeli has several Spanish meats in its range, namely Ibérico meats, Serrano hams and Cecina de Leon hams. Iberdeli can also prepare other Spanish meats on request.

Ibérico meats

The Ibérico pig is generally known as the best and tastiest pig breed in the world and is therefore also called the "Wagyu" among pigs. The Ibérico pigs can only be found on the Iberian peninsula and the breed is protected there by Spanish laws and regulations. This protection applies to both the name and the entire chain from birth to slaughter, with the aim of keeping the breed as pure as possible and guaranteeing the quality of life and meat. Because of the characteristic black hoof, Ibérico meat is also known under the Spanish pet name Pata Negra.

Two qualities can be distinguished with the Ibérico pig, namely cebo and bellota. Cebo pigs are the 'standard' Ibérico pigs that can roam freely, in a barn or outside in a fenced meadow. These pigs eat a mix of grains and are slaughtered after a minimum of ten months. To earn the bellota qualification, an ibérico pig must spend at least four months in the fall period (called Montanera) in the great outdoors and eat the typical acorns that fall from the special oak trees. This season runs from October / November to February / March and fresh Ibérico bellota meat is only available during this period. The vast majority of the fresh Ibérico pork comes from cebo pigs. The difference between the cebo and bellota quality can also be observed after salting and drying the well-known traditional hams and shoulders.

The ibérico hams are produced in southwest Spain. Ibérico hams are produced from both the front legs (shoulders) and the back legs (buttocks). The difference between the two types is that the gammon ham is a bit more tender, less fat and less intense in flavor, so that this ham is more accessible than the shoulder ham. Both hams are available in cebo and bellota quality.

Before drying, the hams and shoulders are laid in sea salt for about ten days. Then cebo-quality hams are dried for at least 24 months and bellota-quality hams are dried for at least 36 months. Cebo quality shoulders are dried for at least 12 months and bellota quality shoulders are dried for at least 18 months.

In addition to the Ibérico hams & shoulders, three different types of sausage can be distinguished from this special pig, each variant being made with a different spice mix:

Lomo IbéricoDried back loin, made only from the Ibérico pork loin
Chorizo IbéricoTypical Spanish sausage based on garlic and paprika spices
Salchichon IbéricoSausage based on garlic and pepper, resembling a salami

These different types of sausage are available in cebo and bellota quality and have been dried for a minimum of three months.

Iberdeli works closely with two producers, namely DeRaza, which also produces fresh meat for iberdeli and Carrasco, which are fully specialized in ibérico meat products.

Serrano ham

Serrano ham is a raw ham from the Spanish mountainous region of Andalusia. Hams from a normal white pig are salted in this region and then dried for at least 7 months to earn the Serrano label. The ham is very rich in irons and proteins and is low in fat, making it very healthy for people with anemia and iron deficiency.

Iberdeli has several qualities and products available from the serrano hams. Whether you are looking for in-leg or out-of-bone hams or possibly in block form, you can go to iberdeli. Iberdeli also has pre-cut serrano ham in its range.

Cecina de Leon

Cecina de Leon is smoked and dried beef from the hind legs, originating from Castilla y Leon. Characteristic of this product is the fat vein, which ensures the fantastic taste of this product. Iberdeli cooperates with two different producers. The producer Trasacar uses a mix of beautifully marbled fat beef from different European beef breeds and our producer Discarlux uses the Rubia Gallega beef breed to dry mainly flat buttocks and muscle pieces for at least 12 months.