Rubia Gallega beef


The Galician beef Rubia Gallega is gradually gaining recognition in the Low Countries. And for good reason! These Spanish products have a spectacular flavour and, what’s more, they are healthy!

The meat of Rubia Gallega cattle is characterized by a beautiful but subtle marbling. Thanks to the traditional spicy and slightly briny flavour, Rubia Gallega products grace the menus of many top chefs in Spain. The unique taste experience is due to the natural and free way the cattle are reared. In Galicia, it’s usual to slaughter a cow between two and seven years, which is relatively late in comparison with other cattle breeds. The animals have plenty of time to enjoy all the wonders that Galicia has to offer.

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with Rubia Gallega meat. We can deliver you all parts of this beautiful cow! We’re sure your guests will enjoy it just as much as we do!

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